Better Beauty. Better You.

Mindful Ingredients

We've recognized that not every natural ingredient is skin-friendly, just as not every synthetic is harmful. Clean beauty, for us, is where these worlds intersect, with conscientiously selected ingredients and no compromises. We blend the best of nature and science. Utilizing the comprehensive EWG Skin Deep database, we meticulously vet each ingredient. The Environmental Working Group, renowned for its advocacy of safer consumer products and transparency, empowers us to make more informed decisions.

Learn more about the Environmental Working Group here.

Sustainable Packaging

We believe in better packaging, and that's why we're tirelessly working towards using more sustainable materials. From incorporating glass components to responsibly sourced paper and PCR bottles, every choice we make is a step towards reducing our environmental footprint. This is merely the beginning. We're constantly challenging ourselves to innovate and improve our packaging designs, pushing the boundaries of sustainability.

Meet Dr. Lindsey

Inspired by my own personal health struggles, I wanted to create beauty products that were not only effective but also gentle and nurturing to our bodies.

I genuinely hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoyed creating them for you!


Dr. Lindsey