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Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool

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Gua Sha is an ancient healing technique within Traditional Chinese Medicine that involves using a tool to massage your skin in specific ways. It might sound a little weird, but trust us, it feels amazing. Using a gua sha stone can help simulate circulation, reduce congestion, and promote lymphatic drainage. Plus, each edge of this stone was intentionally designed to yield amazing results. But why rose quartz specifically? Well, rose quartz is believed to have a calming energy that can help reduce stress and anxiety. So not only will you be giving your skin some love, but you'll be giving yourself some love too. Win-win!

How To Use

Each purchase will be emailed a digital "how-to" guide with instructional videos! We've got you covered with all the details on how to use your new stone like a pro.

*Gua sha stones are fragile, be careful not to drop it! Protect that beauty with the custom box it comes in.


100% Rose Quartz Stone

Please note that each stone is uniquely crafted and will vary in color due to the natural diversity of rose quartz.

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U Edge - this bad boy is perfect for hugging the angles of your jaw, cheekbones, brow bone, and even the back of your neck over your spine.

Comb Edge - this edge is great for giving your face a little wake-up call. It invigorates the flat surfaces of your face and stimulates flow, which is super important for that glowy, healthy look.

Short Edge - this is the perfect flat surface for sculpting under your eye and around your sinuses.

Pointed Tip - this little guy is a tension-melting tip that's perfect for acupressure in the areas of your face that store tension.

Long Edge - this is the ideal surface for long strokes on the side and front of your neck, as well as underneath your cheekbones. It's perfect for getting those muscles nice and relaxed and promoting lymphatic drainage.