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Ultimate Dry Brush Duo

Ultimate Dry Brush Duo

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Experience the ultimate in exfoliation and rejuvenation with our incredible dry brush duo! This dynamic duo includes one body dry brush and one facial dry brush, providing the perfect combination for your skincare routine. Gently sweep away dull, dry skin, promoting circulation and revealing a radiant glow from head to toe. Elevate your self-care game with this must-have set for a truly pampered and glowing complexion.

Duo Includes: 1 Body Dry Brush + 1 Facial Dry Brush

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How To Use

We've got you covered with all the details on how to use your new dry brush like a pro. Each purchase will receive a digital "how-to" guide. Just make sure to check your email ✨


Body Dry Brush

Our body dry brush is made of all natural bamboo wood and 100% boar bristles.

Facial Dry Brush

Our facial dry brush is made of all natural beech wood and 100% goat bristles.

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There's something truly enchanting about the ritual of dry brushing. The history of dry brushing spans cultures, with roots in Ayurvedic practices and Scandinavian wellness traditions. The gentle strokes of our natural bristle brush not only exfoliates and removes dead cells, but can also stimulate blood circulation. What makes our brushes even more alluring is the use of all-natural materials in crafting each brush, reminding us of the power of nature's touch.